Unintended Markets: When Your Book Impacts People You Never Expected

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Unbelieving Husbands by Ann Velia

Unbelieving Husbands by Ann Velia

Christian Publishing Tips is pleased to welcome author Ann Velia today for a guest post entitled Unintended Markets: When Your Book Impacts People You Never Expected. Last year Ambassador International released Ann’s book Unbelieving Husbands: The Neglected Harvest. Although Ann fully expected– as you can tell by the title– that the book was purely for wives, she soon realized that God had BIGGER plans for her book. If reaching the unbelievers in  your life is a topic you need encouragement or help with, pick up Ann’s book today at Ambassador International’s online bookstore. Use coupon code BOOK40 to receive 40% off your purchase. And remember, as Ann explains, her book isn’t just for wives:

Don’t think you know it all, just because you wrote the book! After writing Unbelieving Husbands: the Neglected Harvest, which I aimed at a very specific readership, the Lord keeps surprising me with new opportunities to teach — and to learn.

The book arose out of my notes for a six-week bible study I taught to five women who shared my situation: married to a man who did not share my Christian faith. The study seemed to be helpful to each woman, and three of the five husbands eventually became church participants.

After more bible study and reflection on real-life experiences, I sent a query to Ambassador International and got an immediate response asking for a prospectus and sample chapters. And then for a longer sample….

And by the time the manuscript when to press in March 2008, it had grown to many more pages than the original estimate. There! I thought. I’ve said all there is to say!

Then a friend who reviewed my manuscript asked if I would teach a class based on the book at her church, and she participated enthusiastically, even though she is unmarried. She thought the principles in the book were applicable to winning other unsaved family members as well as husbands.

Oddly, that class also attracted a woman who was divorced, but hoped to learn how to win her ex-husband — her children’s father — to the Lord. Another woman came to seek ways to reach her children.

In a current class I am teaching, one woman attends out of concern for her son-in-law. Just this week, a man with an unbelieving wife inquired about getting a copy of the book.
It makes me think there’s another book possibility here, on general “household evangelism.”

My message for writers is, interact with your readers. Teaching a class on your non-fiction subject is a great way to learn what else readers want to know and, by the way, what good things they can teach you!

By Ann Velia

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